Raised in a small beach town just outside Sydney Australia, Jacquie Blaze worked as an Entertainment Reporter for over a decade before launching these Love Unraveled Interviews, which have made LOVE her area of specialisation.  

She studied Communications, Film, Theatre and Performance at The University of Wollongong, The University of New South Wales and the world-renowned National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney. She Interned at WIN TV in Wollongong to explore her journalistic side before deciding on her area of interest. Jacquie moved to the USA to follow her dream, Starting out in San Francisco then New York and Los Angeles where she became an on-air film critic, as an LA correspondent.

Jacquie found much more than celebrity fluffed interviews, when she interviewed the world-renowned love and relationship experts as part of “Love Unraveled”. It is a set of 5 video interviews, revealing the truth and magic about love, which in-turn teaches couples and individuals love skills. “Love Unraveled” is a gift for young and old, married or single and anyone struggling with relationship related issues, problems or questions. 

The “Love Unraveled” project landed Jacquie Blaze a talk show host position with XM Radio, becoming a relationship expert in her own right. Jacquie Blaze has had a viewer reach of over 350 million audience globally and is one of the World’s most penetrating Talk Show Hosts as she delves into the topic of love, leaving no stone unturned. 

LOVE UNRAVELED is available worldwide. 

Jacquie Blaze is a resident of Brentwood, California, working in the greater Los Angeles area.

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