Who is Blaze?

Talk show host Jacquie Blaze brings Four world-renowned love experts to life and  persuades them to reveal the true path to love in this 5 video package. 

My work lead me to discover tools and a skill set, that will help you fall in love and stay in Love.



I loved this info .. and sat with my boyfriend through all of the speakers from beginning to end. Relationships are challenging and always will be, no matter how mature and in love you believe you are. I need all the help I can get dealing with men, and I particularly enjoyed the intelligent content here .. and was surprised that my boyfriend seemed equally engaged with it. I very much recommend these DVD's to anyone.

I Loved this info


Great videos! Lot's of tools that anyone can utilize to improve their love lives! Her insights are clear, concise and full of humor and love. The best thing about Jacquie Blaze is that you can actually feel her wanting your happiness! I think that's just beautiful!

Great Videos!


Blaze reveals it all in her provocative and insightful DVDs. This is a must, folks!!


Elina Shaffy

How do you find it? When do you know you have it? .. Thankfully, dynamic TV Host/Personality Jacquie Blaze pondered long and hard about these questions! Her pondering lead to action and her action lead to her assembling the greatest group of love and relationship experts since Dr. William Masters and Virgina Johnson said "Let's talk to some people!" ..I would highly recommend Jacquie Blaze's "Love Unraveled"!  This Interview series is fun, educational and the knowledge you gain will not only feed your head...it will feed your heart. 

Comedian/TV Host

BD Freeman

Jacquie has a wonderfully unique style when interviewing for these videos, and I found them to be interesting and useful as I'm sure most people would. Wonderful content covering subjects that could only be helpful to any relationship. Well done Jacquie.

Thank you very much

Alison Walker

The DVDs give a great overall understanding and are very informative on the nature of relationships. The information can be a useful tool from a dating couple, newly weds or those married for a long time.


The Reading Booth

Great interviews with questions and answers we all are curious about. I love the idea of interviewing experts and getting a professional view! Well done talkshow host Jacquie Blaze!

Love Unraveled- Great Interviews about Love!


Robert Greene

Author of five international

best-sellers, Robert Greene is a specialist in seduction.

How to Catch him

and Keep Him

Want to understand what men want from a relationship? Catch Him and Keep Him when you discover in this video, the secrets to "The Art of Seduction" and genuine dating and relationship advice on falling in Love and how to get the Love you want.

Dr. Pat Allen

Breaking the mold on communication, Dr. Pat Allen is helping couples in ways few others can and helping them get to "I Do" and beyond.

Secrets of a Lasting Relationship

Are You Wanting a Lasting Relationship? In negotiating an ‘I Do’, do you know how the male/female dynamic of power, sex, intimidation and seduction play? This video reveals the link between sex and wanting intimacy and secret Love languages plus answers questions on falling in Love and how to save a marriage or a relationship today.

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is a specialist in human behaviors including values. His work includes nine best-selling books.

Getting Into

His Heart

Do you know how to Get To A Man's Heart by speaking in his values? Get to the heart of Love with this relationship coaching and Love advice. These dating and marriage skills will help you surrender to Love, understand his Love languages and be fearless in Love

Dr. Bonnie Weil

Hailed as the #1 Love expert in the world, Dr. Bonnie helps couples around the world "Make-up, Don't Break-up".

Make Up,

Don't Break Up

Want to rescue your relationship? Do you know how to Make Up Not Break Up? Are you dating after divorce? Do you understand the Imago and Surviving Infidelity? This video will reveal how to decode rules that society tells us to have and give you the tools to get him to commit.

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