“Love Unraveled is for anyone in love, looking for love, or struggling in any area of life at any age.  LOVE IS THE KEY IN ALL LIFE SITUATIONS.  LOVE IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS REAL. "   

 - Jacquie Blaze

Love is powerful. It is the single most important reality to understand. Love has the ability to transform, heal and fulfill us. LOVE UNRAVELED reveals the truth and magic of love. It explores all areas of love from seduction, communication and values, to developing “smart tools, not rules”. You will learn that love is the ultimate investment you can make, and what it means to love yourself and others.

Have you ever asked, “Why do some relationships work and others fail?” “How does sex impact my relationship?” “Why is the one person I love not in my life?” LOVE UNRAVELED answers these questions and more.

Talk Show Host, Jacquie Blaze delves into the topic of love leaving no stone unturned as she interviews the world’s top love experts to find the real truth about love. LOVE UNRAVELED dispels myths and misconceptions about love and examines the behavioral paradigms of personal relationships, especially romantic ones. Regardless of where you’re at in life, LOVE UNRAVELED will help you unlock a new understanding of love and the role love plays in all areas of life. 

In LOVE UNRAVELED Blaze interviews these fellow love experts, and internationally acclaimed speakers and authors: Robert Greene, Dr John Demartini, Dr Pat Allen and Dr Bonnie Eaker Weil. The five video-set includes a feature compilation and four full length interviews with each expert. This is a must-have for anyone confused about how to manage his or her relationships. 

Love can set you free but first you must be willing to give of yourself and unlearn habits and patterns holding you back from experiencing unlimited love. Don’t hold yourself back. Give yourself the advantage directly from these experts guidance on every aspect of love. Give this gift of love to yourself and see how it changes your life. 


Jacquie Blaze is an international talk show host who has traveled the world searching for the secrets to understand love. Through her research and interviews of hundreds of experts and individuals, she has built a reputation as a relationship expert in her own right. Jacquie appears regularly on radio and TV programs throughout the world.

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