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Your purchase includes a compilation overview PLUS four, 1 hour interviews with the World's Top Love Experts, who together uncover a core skill set to love. 

This wisdom is priceless and tese 5 hours of interviews will change your life for the better. 

Valued at over $5,000 each, the total value of these videos is $20,000!

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This overview of the interviews of 4 of the World's Top Love Experts:

  • Robert Greene - Seduction

  • Dr Joh Demartini - Values

  • Dr Pat Allen - Communication

  • Dr Bonnie Eaker Weil - Tools Not Rules


International Best Selling Author Robert Greene Reveals exactly what men want from women. Want to understand what men want from a relationship? They disclose the secrets of the art of seduction and reveal genuine dating and relationship advice for women on falling in love and how to get the love you want. It isn't about strategy or manipulation but rather about learning to have fun on your journey to falling in love . Green is author of 48 Laws Of Power & 50th Law with 50 cent himself. 

Interview 1 - How to Catch Him and Keep Him

The Art of Seduction with Robert Greene

Interview 2 - Getting Into His Heart

Create an Intimate and Emotional Connection with John Demartini

International best selling Author Dr John Demartini, reveals how to get to a man's heart by speaking in his values. Do you want to know how to get to the heart of love? This relationship coaching and love advice is crucial on how to fall in love. These dating and marriage skills will help you surrender to love, understand his love languages and be fearless in love.

Interview 3 - Secrets of a Lasting Relationship

Know Your Partners Love Language with Pat Allen

International best selling Author Dr Pat Allen reveals to how the male female dynamic of power, sex and seduction play Into negotiating an 'I Do'. They talk Oxytocin, sexual and emotional intimacy and relationship communication. They link sex and wanting intimacy, to our secret love languages and answer questions on falling in love and how to save my marriage today.

Interview 4 - Make Up Don't Break Up

How To Rescue Your Relationship with Bonnie Eaker Weil

International best selling author Dr Bonnie Eaker Weil reveals how to heal each other and grow in love. Want to rescue your relationship? Are you dating after divorce? Do you understand the Imago and Surviving Infidelity? They discuss her book and help you decode rules and give you the tools to get him to commit. Dr Bonnie is a regular on Dr Phil, Oprah and GMA.

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