Problem Solve Your Love Life: Tips from the World's Top 4 Love Experts

Read more in this interview with Jacquie Blaze...

1. What was your reason for pursuing Love Unraveled?

I initially chose Love as my specialisation because I was dating and I had so many questions that I was searching to have answered. Everyone from friends to specialists seemed to have ‘the’ answers but I felt confused by the strategies everyone was teaching. I knew I had to go to the best, so I sought out the World’s Top Love Experts.

2. Why are the skills in Love Unraveled so important to you?

Because they uncover the Truth about Love and answer burning questions, from What is Love? To, how do I know he’s the one for me? I found all the answers after these interviews and I know you will too.

The crew and I realised we were working on something great in the first interview when everyone on the other side of the camera was left in awe. We were left in surprise hanging on for the next interview. I remember feeling like I hit the jackpot..

3. What did you learn about yourself from this project?

That I’m magical (laughs). I have learnt how imperfect I was and ironically that has helped me recognise my self-worth and, most importantly, I've learned to trust myself and enjoy the process! Falling in-love has to be fun because if it's not fun it's not worth it. I learnt that I am responsible for the patters I establish and how not to build a toxic relationship. I needed these interviews more than anyone. I’m so grateful to these 4 Experts who together Unraveled Love for us.

4. What advice do you have for people who want to solve their Love life?

If you’ve ever found relationships hard work- don’t second guess yourself and don’t waste any time. Watch the interviews and empower yourself! These interviews will help you work it out for yourself and they’re a solid foundation from which you can grow. Lean on the knowledge from the best, embrace it and apply it. I believed Love existed but I didn’t know for sure and now I do and feel honoured to share this knowledge with everyone. If I can help one person I’ve done my job. If you have any reservations, challenge yourself - we’re so lucky to have these experts interviews at our fingertips to watch from the comfort and privacy of our home, office or wherever we may be. They are collectively in over 120 countries; they’re doctors, dignitaries and experts with a sub-specialisation in Love. I still watch my own interviews and get something new out of them. We’re fortunate that we have access to such valuable information that’s now affordable to everyone. Make use of it. Its worth it.

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