Who: TV Presenter , Talk show host of Love Unraveled, mother , relationship expert and all round global achiever!

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Why we love her:  For her positive attitude and expert advice on relationships and making woman around the world feel valued.

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs: TV and online Presenter with a focus in film and real estate

Achievements: I lived in LA for 10 years, and the highlight for me would have to have been sitting in Dr Laura’s chair after my interviews with some of the world’s top love experts, and advising 20 million American households on the subject of love relationships. There’s something so surreal about an on-air interaction, and knowing I’m having so much fun while helping a huge number of people.

5 favourite things:  Family time ,yoga ,reading a good book ,dinning out and Travel


1: What inspires you daily? 

My daughter .. she’s like a ball of joy. If I’m ever having a bad day I’m not there for long because of her. I just sit down and roll around with her and it makes everything feel better.

2: Do you find it hard to juggle a busy career and love life? 

Yes, but I love what I do and the people I work with, who always make me laugh .. so it kind of makes up for it. My partner supports my work so it all gels well.

3: What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship nowadays? 

Communication, Honesty, Trust and Commitment! You can’t expect a relationship to blossom on its own; you have to acquire the tools to do the work, otherwise it’s hard. It’s important to master Communication, in order to deal with men who can be allergic to emotionalism and talking.

4: Who have been the biggest influences for you? 

In my career, definitely Oprah, because she came from nothing and really fought her way to the top. I admire her for her integrity. My mom has also been a huge influence because of her dedication to her family and anyone who’s happily married because that’s what I aspire to.

5: What are the pros and cons of finding love again later on?

In your mid 30’s and as a mom it is more difficult because things take longer to develop and there are other people to consider. People who have been hurt can carry baggage and it’s about learning that script and being patient with them. If someone’s been divorced, they can take twice as long to feel safe and capable of commitment. I’m lucky that I can love so much and so freely.

6: What do you think women should be looking for in a man? 

Honesty, Loyalty, Consistency, Friendship, Chemistry .. the whole package really. That can be different for everyone. For me it’s someone I can laugh and kick back with and do nothing but being together. I know that when we get old we’ll still be able to do that.

7: The most important thing to remember in a relationship is…..? 

That there are going to be tough moments and to not give up! I’m not saying to stay in an abusive relationship, but to fight for love and not with each other. People will let you down but life is better with love and forgiveness.  This is a really special gift that we give ourselves. We need to forgive daily!

8: How do you balance your career, daughter and love life? 

It’s hard! I’m not going to lie, but somehow it works out. I’m a single working mom at the moment and taking care of a child is a full time job. I have a very loving and supportive family. They help me a lot and I’ve been lucky to have a man in my life who is a great dad, so he knows what to tell me when I’m being tested. I rely on a good strong support network for advice. I’m lucky that way. I’ll never forget hiring Alexandra’s first nanny! I was petrified. I got great advice and after many background checks I jumped in. Sometimes you just have to have faith that something up above is guiding you. Otherwise you’d go mad.

9: Where do you get your self value from? 

From somewhere within me. If I ever doubt myself I look within and then I remember where I’ve come from and who I am today because of it. If you don’t value yourself no one will, so it’s very important to me to have my alone time where I can do work on myself. I find yoga is helpful for that.

10: Any last pieces of advice for women on love and life?

If you get knocked down, get back up! Love is the key to all life situations and it doesn’t have to be romantic love, it can be the love of friends or family, and be grateful and the rest will follow, as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day .. just keep believing and it will happen!

Originally posted 2015-11-18 08:06:52. Written by Renee Slansky (The Dating Directory)

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